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We totally understand. There are a number of ways that we can assist our clients and various challenges they are facing. There’s no cookie cutter way of dealing with life and we’ll have questions for you too. Please click on this link and fill out the short form so we can have the best chance of understanding your needs as quickly as possible. 

You are also welcome to call us at (510) 269-7272. We look forward to hearing from you! (Click here for the link to the Contact Form)

Whether you are someone looking to help out a friend/family member or a professional who works with the community, we’re happy to assist you. Our team is poised to create new relationships and connections with those who want to make a difference. We also have a network of connections who can contribute to the remediation of your challenges.  

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Hoarding and Estate Cleaning

Our team of specialized cleaning service experts are trained specifically for hoarding and estate clean out. We value privacy and treat every situation with the sensitivity and compassion it deserves.

Senior Move Management

A lifetime worth of belongings can be overwhelming and seem insurmountable during a move. We can handle everything from the packing and inventorying, to the loading, moving and even the unpacking.

Estate Settlement & Liquidation

Our team of settlement and liquidation experts take the stress out of bringing closure to an estate by assisting with the asset evaluation, coordinating with all parties involved and facilitating the sale of assets to be liquidated.

Estate Downsizing

We work closely with our clients to navigate through the hard decisions of what to bring into their new living arrangement while honoring their memories and helping them embrace the future.

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Q: How can New Vision Home Services help me?

A: In one of two ways. A full service approach, or services a la Carte.

A Full Service Approach

Senior move management is a common way for our clients to begin using our services. Some times we’ll be called in for a no cost consultation for an upcoming move and realize that the home is not yet ready to pack up and move. In fact, in most cases that’s ok. Its our job to help with the decision making process of what things could be kept, should be kept and which ones need to go. However, there are some cases where the home is a little too extreme for most senior move managers and that’s where our value becomes apparent.  (See hoarding and decluttering below)

From time to time we’re introduced to a scenario where the resident hasn’t been able to keep up with cleaning the home or throwing things out. It has gotten to the point where social workers, nurses, family and friends are concerned. Sometimes this is due to limited physical ability or a maybe even a mental disorder. Sometimes, its both. Its in these cases that our hoarding trained personnel provide the best value for the client. Decluttering is one thing, but dealing with someone who is struggling with hoarding disorder is a different kind of challenge that most cleaning companies, junk haulers and move managers aren’t prepared or trained to deal with. 

These days, the growing elderly population has been forced to think about the next steps in regards to their living arrangements. If they can’t keep up with the home, if they can’t keep up with their health, what will they do? Where will they go? (See estate downsizing below)

Downsizing is becoming increasingly popular due to the aging of our population and the need for assisted living. Whether we are helping a client with a traditional downsizing or one that is initiated through severe living conditions such as hoarding, our downsizing services will help the client reestablish a comfort zone in their new living space.  

There also comes a time when the sale of the property will benefit the resident more than keeping it. This happens when the financial burdens of long term care, medical bills and other living expenses outweigh the need for keeping the home.  Here is where our estate settlement and liquidation services serve our clients through the next phase of their transition. (See estate settlement and liquidation below) 

Although this phase of the transition is typically after someone’s passing, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes we liquidate and settle an estate as a means of completing the downsize. However, in many other cases, this is a means of recovering assets by selling one’s personal property to execute the will and needs of an estate sale. 

Our settlement services fill the need for an intermediary and help facilitate the paperwork and details of an estate so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, our settlement services are typically needed while our clients are grieving. In the process we execute the liquidation of assets, hold an estate sale and retrieve the financial resources for distribution to the family based on the will or requirements of the estate. 

If you have any questions about New Vision Home Services and how we may be able to assist you, please call (510) 269-7272 and schedule your free estimate today. 

Services a la Carte

Our team of specialized cleaning service experts have been trained specifically for hoarding and estate clean out. We understand that privacy and compassion are important when dealing with decluttering and cleaning. Our goal is to transform your current situation into a living space that you are proud to invite your friends and family into. Best of all we have the processes and knowledge to provide our clients the tools they need to succeed in the next chapter of their lives. 

Our estate clean-out team assists families and friends with the cleaning of a departed one’s home or property. All too often, family members of the deceased are left with the burdens of settling and sorting through the possessions and personal items of their loved ones while navigating their own personal grief. We are sensitive to the specific nature of each case, and tailor our services to meet each client’s individual needs.

When a client has lived a full life they can inadvertently accumulate a lot of sentimental belongings. When you or a loved one decide it’s time to move out of the family home into a smaller, more convenient home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of “stuff” around you. However, we know it isn’t just “stuff.” It’s years of important memories, keepsakes and traditions. Let us help you adjust your living space and belongings to improve your life. 

We work with our clients to navigate through those hard decisions, honoring their memories while helping them with embracing the future. When done properly, downsizing can be a great relief because our professional team will help prioritize what is most important and helpful in your next chapter of life.

After years of living in your home, the time may come to move into an independent or personal care retirement community. A lifetime worth of belongings can be overwhelming and seem insurmountable during a move. Limited physical ability and an accelerated time frame may pose challenges for someone with limited resources and man power. 

Our team of professionals have been trained to not only help you move, but also have access to all the tools, resources and knowledge needed to make this transition smooth, seamless and stress free. We handle everything from the packing and inventorying, to the loading, moving and even unpacking. We strive to make these transitions as simple and stress free as possible making your new home feel like your old home.

Our settlement and liquidation team takes the stress out of bringing closure to an estate. As part of our settlement and liquidation services, we’ve facilitated many sales that require proper planning and coordination of various parties involved such as probate, trustees, real estate agents, clients and loved ones. 

Our service is designed to accomplish the following: Help determine and sort through whatever assets were owned, and place a value on those assets. We assist with the transfer of the assets to the correct people or institutions. All while making the transition as easy as possible and ensuring your estate sale meets all the deadlines and requirements of all parties involved.




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